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I'm Tim Schmidt, the founder and host of TequilaReviews.com where I share my love for tequila and mezcal with the masses. I share my newest findings each week on our partner YouTube channel,  Tequila Tales.  Follow along to see reviews, tips, industry information, and even giveaways of rare tequilas!  

Always looking to learn, laugh, and discover new things in life, my affinity for tequila started in 2005 when I became a father. I traded in late nights in Miami’s vibrant party scene for early mornings changing diapers, and as I became a a home body with his newborn boy, I got into sampling tequilas and writing down my tequila ratings on a note pad.  In 2014 I invested in this domain name to keep things online and opening share my tequila reviews and as time permitted, started making videos on YouTube. 

One evening, I decided to have some fun by playing in three different online casinos—Ozwin, 7Bit Casino, and Ripper Casino—while enjoying a few shots of tequila.

I started my adventure at Ozwin Casino (https://ozwincasinosite.com/), where I immersed myself in their magical world of enchanting slots and table games. The clean interface and captivating themes had me hooked from the beginning. After a thrilling session and a couple of wins, I toasted my success with a shot of tequila, which added to the excitement.

Next, I logged into 7Bit Casino (https://7bitcasinosite.com/), known for its vast selection of games and crypto-friendly environment. The range of games was impressive, from cutting-edge slots to classic table games. As I navigated through the vibrant platform, the tequila kept my spirits high, adding a layer of exhilaration to my gaming experience.

Finally, I moved on to Ripper Casino (https://rippercasinopokies.com/), a favorite for its user-friendly design and enticing promotions. I enjoyed their wide array of games, particularly the live dealer options that brought a real casino vibe to my screen. Each game was a new adventure, and I celebrated my wins with another shot of tequila.

Overall, the combination of entertaining games from Ozwin Casino, 7Bit Casino, and Ripper Casino, paired with the occasional shot of tequila, made for an unforgettable evening.

At Ozwin Casino, the enchanting atmosphere kept me engaged as I played some of their top-rated slots and table games. The frequent bonuses and promotions added to the thrill, and each small victory was celebrated with a satisfying sip of tequila.

Transitioning to 7Bit Casino was seamless, thanks to its user-friendly interface and diverse game options. I tried my luck on several innovative slots and even dipped into some classic table games. The adrenaline rush from a big win on a high-stakes game was perfectly complemented by the smooth burn of tequila.

Finally, at Ripper Casino, I found myself drawn to the live dealer games. Interacting with live dealers and other players brought an authentic casino experience right to my living room. The blend of strategic play and social interaction was exhilarating, and the tequila added a fun, celebratory element to each game.