Best 6 Puerto Vallarta Tequila Tour

Best 6 Puerto Vallarta Tequila Tour: You Should Try in 2024

A Tequila Tour is a thrilling experience in Puerto Vallarta. You discover the origins of tequila. Central to this is the blue agave plant. During the tour, you explore agave fields. You also visit distilleries where tequila is made. You'll learn extensively about the process of transforming plants into tequila. The tours offer opportunities to taste various types of tequila. It's both enjoyable and educational. You may even discover a favorite tequila.

If you're in Puerto Vallarta, try these top 6 Tequila Tours.

1. Hacienda Don Chendo

Hacienda Don Chendo gives visitors a look at tequila making. At this spot, folks learn how tequila gets made from harvest to bottle. The tour dives into the history and traditions of tequila making. Guests get to walk through fields of blue agave. Tour guides share stories and facts. Guests try different kinds of tequila like clear ones and those aged in barrels. The setting is rustic and feels like old Mexico. Language won't be a barrier as guides speak English well.

Visitors spend time enjoying the scenery. They relax in a place that feels away from big city noise. The tour fits folks who like to learn through fun and taste. It's a way to see real Mexican culture. People often say this tour is a top value in Puerto Vallarta. It's a place where guests can buy tequila to take home. Tour times and prices may change, so check before going. Remember, these tours are for adults who drink alcohol.

2. Tequila Distillery Tour by Vallarta Adventures

Join a trip with Vallarta Adventures to see tequila making. This tour stands out because it's by a big name in tours. You ride to a distillery where experts show you the tools and pots used to make tequila. The process from plant to drink is explained in plain speech. You're in for a learning adventure.

The tasting part of this tour lets you sample several types of tequila. The goal is to help you find the one you like best. You'll try smooth, light tequila and darker, stronger kinds. Guides make sure you understand what you're tasting and why it's special.

This trip takes a good part of your day, so plan for that. They'll pick you up and drop you back in town. It's handy for those staying in Puerto Vallarta. The tour fits folks who enjoy fun and want a close-up look at tequila making. It's also a nice pick for folks who want to bring a special bottle of tequila back home. Check the latest details, as tour features might change.

3. Mama Lucia Tequila Tour

Mama Lucia Tequila Tour invites visitors into the world of tequila. It's a family-run business, and they treat guests like part of their family. Each step of making tequila, from the blue agave fields to the final product, is shown with heart and pride. You feel the warmth of Mexican hospitality.

Tasting here is a friendly event. You try different tequilas and learn what makes each unique. The guide helps you understand the tastes. You might find you like a tequila you never tried before. People enjoy their time here and often say it's like hanging out with friends.

The trip doesn't take all day, so it's easy to fit into a busy schedule. You might buy a bottle to remember the visit. It's a good idea to look up the latest times and prices before you go. This tour fits people who want a personal touch and to learn about tequila in a home-like setting.

4. Tequila Factory Tour & Tasting by Jose Cuervo at La Rojeña Distillery

This tour is a chance to see a famous name in tequila up close. Jose Cuervo's La Rojeña Distillery is one of the oldest in Mexico. The tour tells the story of the Cuervo family and their tequila. You can see historic tools and modern ways of making tequila. It's like going back in time and then back to today.

Tasting here is with a brand known around the world. You try tequilas that are smooth and rich. The guide teaches you how to taste like a pro. They'll talk about the smells and flavors in each sip.

The distillery is in the town of Tequila, so it takes time to get there. Plan a full day for this tour. It's worth it for the history and the famous tequila. Guests often say the sights, smells, and tastes stay with them long after they leave.

5. The Tequila Tour by PV Tours

PV Tours gives a tequila trip that covers everything. You see blue agave fields and learn how they grow and get harvested. The guide explains tequila making in simple words. You see workers doing their jobs and machines at work. The tour shows real Mexican craft.

Tasting on this tour is a fun learning time. You get to try clear and aged tequila. You learn what makes each kind of tequila different. The guide helps everyone feel welcome, even if they're new to tequila.

The tour doesn't take too long, so it works well for people who have other plans on the same day. People often remember this tour for the good times and new things they learned. It's smart to check the most recent tour times and prices before you visit.

6. Tequila Sunrise Private Tour

Tequila Sunrise gives a personal tour just for you or your group. It's a special way to see tequila making. The tour takes you to places not all tours go. You get close-up views of each step in making tequila. It's a VIP way to learn and have fun.

You taste tequilas that are not easy to find in stores. It's a chance to try special drinks in a private setting. The guide makes sure you know what you're tasting. The tour feels like a special treat just for you.

This tour is longer and needs to be booked before you go. It's perfect for those who want something just for themselves. People enjoy the special feeling of this tour.


I hope this guide helps you pick the top Tequila Tour in Puerto Vallarta. Every tour has its own charm. It lets you peek into the rich world of tequila. From the fields of blue agave to the tasty sips, you're in for a treat. These tours mix learning with fun in the best way. You get to take home not just a bottle, but also stories and new facts. Think about what kind of day you want. Do you want history? A family feel? Maybe a private VIP day? There's a tour for every taste.

If I must suggest one, try the Tequila Factory Tour & Tasting by Jose Cuervo at La Rojeña Distillery. It's a mix of old and new. It's run by a world-famous name. You learn a lot and taste tequila known by everyone. It's worth the trip for the memories you'll make.

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