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Best Glasses to Drink Tequila

If you haven’t done a shot of tequila, you probably don’t drink alcohol!  The tequila shot is perhaps the number one leading cause of hangovers in the world, but mostly because people are mixing beer, wine, and other liquor with rail (bottom of the barrel) tequila!  Today, in honor of all the tequila shooters out there, I’ll talk about my favorite types of glasses to drink tequila shots from.

Which Tequila Glasses are Best for Shots?

There is no right or wrong answer here, as you can use a small plastic cup, a regular shot glass, or heck, anything that holds liquids for that matter!  However, I like to stay in typical Mexican authenticity mode with unique shot glasses that look like they are made just for tequila.  All of these are readily available for overnight delivery via Amazon Prime, so if you have a party coming up, have no fear, the shot glasses are near!

Hand Blown Mexican Tequila Shot Glasses

These ones scream Mexico are are of the highest quality hand blown glass.  The glass is eco-friendly and made by Artisans who have passed down the tradition of making these for many generations, all while preserving the artistic process of making this quality glassware.

What is truly unique about these glasses is that they have tiny variance is size and markings, so you know they are hand made!

hand blown mexican shot glasses

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

Many people thought these were a bit of a gimmick when they first came out a few years ago, but I can tell you they are legit! All natural and FDA approved, these shot glasses add a hint of salt to your shots.  All you have to do is wipe them clean and store in a cool, dry space.  I have made the mistake of leaving them outside after a party in the Florida heat and they didn’t last as long.  Take care of them and you’ll have no issue with that.

himalayan salt shot glasses

Hand Blown Confetti Shot Glasses

Another festive, hand blown shot glass that to me represents Mexico quite well.  The unique, confetti rock design is second to none and will turn some heads at any party.

confetti shot glass

Mexican Artisanal Tequila Shot Glasses With Agave Plant

I just bought these and they are probably my favorite recent addition to the growing collection of tequila glassware.  

mexican artisan tequila glassesagave plant shot glasses

Green Rim Three Amigos Cactus Shot Glasses

These were just so unique, I figured a lot of you would like them.  (I haven’t ordered this one yet.)

three amigos shot glasses

Best Glasses for Sipping Tequila 

The majority of the people who come across our tequila content like to enjoy sipping tequila.  

Coming soon, a round-up of the best tequila sipping glasses that will allow you to enjoy the amazing aroma's of the tequila of your choice.  

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