Tim Schmidt is the founder and host of TequilaReviews.com and the main brain behind the YouTube partner channel, Tequila Tales.

Always looking to learn, laugh, and discover new things in life, the story of his affinity for tequila started in 2005 when he became a father.  He traded in his late nights in Miami's vibrant party scene for early mornings changing diapers, and as he became a a home body with his newborn boy, he started sampling tequilas and many years later, in 2014, bought this domain name and put up a website.

Family life and the demands of being an Entrepreneur largely made updating this site and creating YouTube videos impossible, but as 2020 created a lockdown and essentially more free time to focus on tasting tequila and paying attention to the industry, the project has come booming back and with much higher aspirations in mind.

Tim's main mission is to make learning about tequila fun.  While you'll find the stuff that you'd expect from someone who grew up being a student-athlete, extrovert, and sometimes trouble maker, you won't find any uppity attitude or disdain towards people who tend to like lesser known, or cheaper tequilas.  “There are enough people out there shaming people for their drinking choices,” he says.  “Tequila is meant to be celebrated and enjoyed, and what you like, you like.  I'm just out here having fun sharing my opinions and educating wherever that's possible.”

Tequila shouldn't be something that makes you think about a horrible hangover.

The fact is, many people have replaced spirits such as scotch, whiskey, and rum – with tequila.  The growth curve of the spirit is simply incredible, and the mission of this website is to educate consumers as to the finer points of this very unique spirit as well as share experiences along the way.  Follow along, it's bound to be an awesome ride.