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Best Tequila Salt for Magaritas

​If you are looking for the best salt for your margaritas, you’ve come to the right place.  Today I’m going to break down the best selling tequila salts on the Internet, and luckily you can get most of these sent to you overnight from Amazon Prime!

Which Tequila Salts are Best for Margaritas?

We had a party in our backyard bar and kitchen where we served guests margaritas and food with these tequila salts.  For the record, I always use silver (blanco) tequila for my margaritas as I feel you don’t need the flavor of a reposado or anejo when you add mix.

After a blind taste test, we came up with the following results.

Sal de Gusano Worm Salt

You can use this hand made Mexican worm salt with tequila, mezcal, or even fruits and food!  This was the #1 winner in blind testing, and everyone agreed that the 100% organic and made in Mexico salt tasted the most authentic.

Featuring Sea Salt, Dried Mezcal Worm, Chile Ancho, Guajillo and Piquín Pepper.  

You will not find a tequila salt with similar ingredients.

sal de gusano

Jose Cuervo Margarita Salt

Wouldn’t you know another one that our guests loved was a very inexpensive product by a first class brand.  Jose Cuervo needs no introduction, and their margarita salt not only looks great on your bar, but serves as a dual purpose lemon or fruit squeezer!

jose cuervo margarita salt

Master of Mixes Margarita Salt

A very simple salt that simply works well if you are into a classic salt taste that won’t be kicked up or altered with any spice.  For a salt purist, this is the way to go.  Not only is this 100% dairy and gluten free, but it’s also certified kosher by the Orthodox Union.

master of mixes margarita salt

Tajin Seasoning Rimmer

​This one is for the lovers of exotic margaritas that go well beyond the traditional salt taste.  If you know the Tajin seasoning, you know what I’m talking about.  Tajin is chili lime seasoning that has a cultish following.  There is no right or wrong answer as to how you use Tajin, but we’ve seen it used as a topping on avocado toast, taco seasoning, fish, chicken rub, and even as a way to kick up a bloody mary.

The Tajin seasoning rimmer continues as an addition to any margarita rim by offering it’s blend of lime, sea salt, and mild chili peppers to help add some flavor to your favorite margarita or preferred beverage that you top with salt. Some people even use it to add to smoothies.

For spice haters, this is a very mild way to get some serious flavor without all that heat.

tajin seasoning

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