Things To Do in Tequila Tour

10 Things To Do in Tequila Tour 2024

Looking for something special on a Tequila Tour? I have something special for you. Last summer, I visited this amazing place. Here are 10 things you can do on a Tequila Tour.

In Tequila town, you explore the making of this famous spirit, from blue agave fields to distilleries. You can taste various tequilas, learn cocktail-making, and even ride the Tequila Express through stunning landscapes.

My tip: Start with a distillery tour to see tequila's creation, then enjoy a tasting session to savor different flavors. The Tequila Express ride is a must for its scenic views. This tour is a journey into the heart of Mexican tradition.

How to Reach Tequila

Getting to Tequila offers different options, including public transport, train and car.

Bus Travel

Get on a bus from Guadalajara to Tequila. The trip lasts about an hour and a half. You find buses often at the Guadalajara bus station, and no need to book in advance. When you board, say “Tequila” so the driver knows where you want to get off. Fairly cheap, so good for those watching their budget.

Car Journey

Drive yourself from Guadalajara to Tequila. Takes around one hour. Roads are straightforward, directing you right into Tequila. Car rental is available in Guadalajara if you need to hire one.

Train Adventure

For a special trip, choose the Tequila Express. Not running every day, so check the schedule. You start from Guadalajara train station, and the ride includes drinks, snacks, and music. It's a fun way to arrive, with views only seen by rail.

Best Times to Go

For good weather, aim for months from November to April. Days are warm and nights cool. Avoid rainy season from May to October. Tequila town hosts big festivals like National Tequila Day on 24th July and big crowds gather. If you prefer a quieter visit, choose other months.

10 Things To Do in Tequila Tour 2024

Tour a Distillery

Visiting a distillery is a must-do on a Tequila Tour. You get a close look at how tequila is made. The journey starts with the blue agave plant and ends with the final product – tequila. Different distilleries, from big names to small artisanal ones, offer unique insights. You learn about cooking agave, fermenting, and distilling. Seeing the transformation from plant to drink is fascinating.

Distillery tours often show aging rooms where barrels store tequila. You might see traditional methods or modern techniques. Learning about the craftsmanship behind tequila making is engaging. After the tour, tasting different tequilas helps you understand the flavor profiles. You learn what makes each type of tequila special.

Tasting Session

A tasting session is a highlight of the Tequila Tour. You get to try different kinds of tequila – from blanco to añejo. Experts guide you through the tasting, explaining the flavors and aromas. You learn what to look for in good tequila.

Tasting sessions help you appreciate the complexity of tequila. You understand the differences between each type. It's an educational experience that enhances your knowledge and enjoyment of tequila.

Agave Fields Visit

Walking through blue agave fields is a unique experience. You see where tequila begins its journey. Learn about farming and harvesting techniques for agave. The fields are picturesque, stretching out under the Mexican sun.

In the agave fields, you understand the plant's importance in tequila making. You see how agave is cared for and harvested. This part of the tour connects you to the land and the traditions of tequila.

Tequila Volcano Hike

Hiking the Tequila Volcano offers stunning views. The volcanic soil around the area is vital for growing agave. The hike is not just scenic but also educational. You learn about the ecosystem supported by the volcano.

The hike is a chance to see the countryside and the agave landscape. The views from the top are breathtaking. It’s a physical activity that adds adventure to the Tequila Tour.

Tequila Museum Exploration

A visit to the Tequila Museum is informative. You learn about the history and culture of tequila making. The museum displays tell the story of tequila from past to present. You see old tools used in tequila making and learn about the evolution of the industry.

Exploring the museum gives you a deeper understanding of tequila. It’s a cultural experience that complements the other activities on the Tequila Tour. You leave with a greater appreciation for tequila's place in Mexican history and culture.

Horseback Riding

Riding horses through agave fields is a great way to see the landscape. On a horse, you see the blue agave plants from a different view. The ride is calm and lets you connect with nature. This activity is not just a tour; it feels like stepping into the local culture and history. Riding is easy and fun, even for beginners. Guides often share interesting stories about the area during the ride.

Local Cuisine Tasting

Trying food from the Tequila region is a must. The area's food is tasty and goes well with tequila. You find many dishes with fresh ingredients that show the local cooking style. Eating here lets you try foods that are part of the area's history. Many places offer a range of dishes, from fancy meals to simple, filling food.

Shopping in Tequila Town

Shopping in Tequila town is a chance to buy real local items. You find many shops selling crafts and things that show the local culture. There are handmade tequila, crafts, and unique things that are good for gifts or to remember your trip. When you shop, you support local artists and businesses. You might find handmade jewelry, clothes, or art that shows the skills of people here.

Cocktail-Making Class

Joining a class to learn how to mix drinks with tequila is fun. You learn from skilled bartenders. They teach you how to make popular tequila drinks. It's a hands-on way to learn more about tequila. In these classes, you mix drinks yourself. You learn about ingredients that taste good with tequila. This skill is something you can show to friends and family later.

Ride the Tequila Express

The Tequila Express is a train trip through the countryside. The ride includes music, trying different tequilas, and learning about the area. The train gives you a special way to see the land around Tequila. You relax and enjoy the scenery from the train. The journey shows you more about how tequila is made and the land it comes from.


From touring distilleries to learning about tequila's history at the museum, each part of the tour offers something special. Enjoy the landscapes on a horseback ride, taste delicious local food, and end your day with a scenic Tequila Express ride. These activities together will give you a full experience of Tequila's rich culture and traditions.


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