Ultimate Guide to a Day Trip to Tequila from Puerto Vallarta

A day trip to Tequila from Puerto Vallarta shows you the heart of Mexico's famous drink.

The town of Tequila in Jalisco is where the drink got its start, surrounded by blue agave plants needed for making tequila.

Here's how to make your day in Tequila great.

Going There

The Free Tequila Tour is a feature of Cozumel, Mexico.

Drive Yourself

Driving yourself from Puerto Vallarta to Tequila means you get to decide on your travel plan, with the drive taking about 4 to 5 hours each way. You'll see beautiful places along the way, including mountains, valleys, and lots of greenery in Jalisco. It's smart to leave early to have more time for exploring Tequila and places around it.

Making stops along the way is a good idea too. You might find nice places for a morning meal or just to stretch and get some fresh air.

Join a Tour

A guided tour from Puerto Vallarta to Tequila is a choice many people like. It's great if you want a day without worries, with someone else making all the plans.

These tours aim to give you a good time, with easy travel to and from Tequila, learning visits to distilleries, and chances to try different tequila types. Tour guides share interesting stories about tequila's history and how it's made, helping you know and like Mexico's special drink more.

Some tours might also offer meals, giving you a chance to try local food in nice places. It's a way to spend the day that's both fun and full of learning, where you can meet other people and share experiences.

Bus for the Adventurous

Taking a bus to Tequila is less costly and adds adventure. This way of traveling takes a bit more planning and time, as you'll likely need to switch buses in Guadalajara. Even though it's a longer trip, the bus ride shows you local life and beautiful views of the Mexican countryside you might otherwise miss. It's a real way to see daily life and maybe talk with local people.

Things to Do in Tequila

Visit Distilleries

The main part of any trip to Tequila is looking at distilleries, where you learn how tequila is made. Each place has its own way and story:

  • La Rojeña – Jose Cuervo: One of the oldest and most known places, visiting here shows you a lot about tequila's history and making. You usually get to try some at the end.
  • Casa Sauza: This place shows a newer way of making tequila, including new techniques.
  • Herradura: Located in Amatitan, close to Tequila, Herradura takes you through old ways of making tequila in beautiful settings.

Walk Around the Town

A walk-in Tequila lets you see its old charm. Don't skip:

  • Plaza Principal: The main square is a good starting point, with colorful buildings and local stores.
  • Tequila Volcano: If you're up for it, climbing the Tequila Volcano gives you a wide view of agave fields and the town.
  • Museo Nacional del Tequila (National Museum of Tequila): This place teaches you about tequila's history and importance. A must for those who love history.

See the Agave Landscape

The agave area around Tequila is protected by UNESCO. Going through these fields teaches you about growing and picking agave. Some tours let you try picking agave with a Jimador (agave picker).

Try Local Food

Tequila's food is tasty and goes well with tequila tasting. You should try dishes like birria (spicy meat stew), pozole (traditional soup), and tacos al pastor. Many distillery places also have food that matches their drinks with great local and worldwide dishes.

Join a Tequila Tasting

Besides tours, take time for a professional tequila tasting. These teach you about the different kinds (blanco, reposado, añejo) and tastes. You'll learn to like tequila in new ways.

Look at Local Markets and Stores

Tequila has many stores selling local things, including tequila in nice bottles, perfect for bringing home or as gifts. Local markets show you the area's daily life and colorful culture.

Plan to Visit During a Festival

If you can, go during local festivals. The National Tequila Festival, usually in late November or December, is full of tequila tasting, music, and culture shows.

Plan Your Day Trip To Tequila From Puerto Vallarta

Morning: Start early to use your day well. If driving, aim to leave at dawn to get to Tequila by mid-morning. If on a tour, check your pickup time and place.

Mid-Day: Plan to see a distillery (or two) before lunch. This way, you learn about tequila making and taste it on a full stomach.

Afternoon: After eating lunch

at a local place, explore the town square, visit the National Museum of Tequila, or walk through agave fields if your tour includes it.

Late Afternoon: Maybe see another distillery or spend some relaxed time in town before heading back to Puerto Vallarta.

Lunch and Dining

Tequila has many eating choices, from street food to fancy places. Many distillery sites also serve food.

Must-try local dishes include birria (a spicy stew) and carne en su jugo (meat in its juices).

What to Bring

  • Comfy shoes for distillery tours and town walks.
  • Sun protection, like sunscreen and a hat, especially for walking through agave fields.
  • A water bottle to stay hydrated and help with tequila tasting.
  • A camera or phone to keep memories of your trip.
  • Cash in Mexican Pesos for small buys, as not all places take cards.

Ending Thoughts

A day trip to Tequila from Puerto Vallarta lets you see more of Mexico and learn about its famous drink. With lovely sights, rich history, and good tequila, it's a day well spent. Planning well and starting early make it memorable for anyone wanting more than just beach time and to dive into Mexico's heart.

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