Anejo Tequila

When choosing the type of tequila you would like to drink, Anejo Tequila has the smoothest flavor of them all. Anejo is the tequila that is aged the longest, anywhere from one to three years. However, there are some brands that will age their tequila even longer in order to produce tequila referred to as extra anejo tequilas.

It is aged three years or more. This is a taste consumers have to acquire, as tequila is known for it's agave taste. The longer it ages, the more distant that taste becomes. Because of this aging, as well as additives, it is known as the dark tequila or the “old one”.

Anejo Tequila Meaning & Aging Process

Tequila is aged in barrels or casks, made from wood, metal, or plastic. Anejo Tequila, for example, is made in wood casks to give it that smokey, smooth flavor it is known for. The different types of wood casks include American Oak, French Oak, Whiskey, Bourbon, White Oak, or a blend. This type of aging within the different barrels give its distinctive tastes from all the various brands of tequila you find on the market today.

Some brands can make their tequila so unique that tequila taste testers can actually identify the type and brand of their drink. This is a process that has to be done correctly each time so that the tequila doesn't lose its signature taste.

Different Tequilas for Different Brands

You can compare Anejo Tequila brands by their ratings from consumers, the price it is being sold for, the aging process, and the type of cask or barrel it was aged in. You will find there are brands that will also put additives in their tequila to make it look darker or to give it a different type of taste. Some use caramel, nutty or spicy ingredients, There are also fruity ingredients that can create tastes such as berry, citrus, dried, tree, and tropical.

There are many brands that create a complex flavor in order to be unique and smooth. These brands often are the most popular because of their complexity. Many consumers have stated that anejo tequilas are a great sipping drink and that it compares to Scotch. It goes down smooth without that strong agave taste.

Blue Agave is the plant from which tequila is made. It has its own distinct pure taste which can be too strong for some drinkers. You can still get tequilas that are 100% agave even if you don't like that specific taste because the aging process and additives will detour it. You will find that most brands will have all types of tequila, from the blanco to extra anejo.

Top Name Brands

One of the most expensive anejo tequilas on the shelf today is Gran Patron Burdeos Tequila. This drink can cost around $36.00 just for a single shot. It is a dark amber color and has a fruity vanilla aroma. The body of this drink is sweet with a noticeable hint of vanilla and raisins in the taste. It is aged in a blended barrel and distilled twice.

There are several other brands that can compare such as Riazul Premium Anejo Tequila, U4RIK Anejo Tequila, and Tavi Anejo Tequila. If you are looking for more of a roasted nutty taste, there is Maracame Tequila Anejo. It has an amber color that is rich golden. Its aroma smells like buttery caramel and brown spice. It's body has flavors of toasted coconut and creamy vanilla. Many have stated that this drink goes well with a bountiful Mexican meal.

The top brand names include Don Julio, Herradura, Corralejo, Ocho, 1800 Tequila, and Milagro among many others. You need to look at the label because as with any type of product, you are sure to find cheap brands that try to pass their liquor off as the real thing. If you get a tequila that is a mixto type, by law it still has to be called tequila. The mixto type of tequilas are not made from 100% agave sugars but only 51%. The other 49% are from other sugars and water.

Brand and Aging Can Affect Price

The pricing of Anejo is usually more expensive than that of reposado or silver tequila because of the aging process. This is simply because of the time taken with the tequila to make the true smooth taste come out. You will also be paying for the brand name because there are brands that are more popular in the consumer ratings than others.

The 100% agave brands are produced and bottled in Mexico. The mixto brands can be created outside of Mexico, allowing them to have a more reasonable price. Mixto tequila has many taste characteristics. It can have that extra sweet taste when processed with Sherry, prune concentrate, and coconut is sometimes used as well.

This blend gives a distinct flavor to these mixed formulas. There are some brands that are harder to find and you may have to visit a specialty liquor store in order to find them but they will probably be worth it. You will find there are also brands that you can order online in order to get them shipped to you from all around the world.

Anejo tequila is a great drink for when you go out on the town with your friends or you can pick the perfect mixture and flavor for that special dinner you have planned. Depending on your preference, taste testing is the key to finding the right tequila. Understanding the different types will help you decide on where to start.

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