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Scott Disick and his Tequila Soaked Evening

First saw this on TMZ, and had to go look around for more news.

Any time tequila is involved with a “celebrity” and being out of control, usually tequila takes the blame.  We never hear these types of things about vodka or rum, do we?

I kept poking around, and found a great summary of this story here.

After further review, tequila was indeed the culprit.  Disick had been said to being drinking a heavy dose of tequila “all night.”

That's never a good thing.  The father of three Kardashian kids whose claim to fame is – well – being hooked up with a Kardashian, is known for making waves with the media, as well as drunken tirades.

Here's a look at the video footage posted on TMZ. Other reports have him now checked into rehab in Costa Rica. Costa Rica? That's probably my favorite country on earth, but no place I'd send myself to rehab!

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