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Is Lobos 1707 Any Good?

As mentioned in an earlier update, LeBron James has got into the tequila business!  Along with friend Maverick Carter and others, he's invested in Lobos 1707 tequila.  Today I had the pleasure of opening up a bottle of the extra anejo tequila by Lobos 1707, and here's my first take along with tasting notes.  Like all tequila reviews, I constantly update them as I try other offerings, so bookmark my site and in specific, this page, if you want to hear about other tequilas by this brand.

This tequila separates itself from others by finishing the aging process in Pedro Ximénez (PX) wine barrels from Spain.  This unique process resulted in a world class brand that is led by Master Distillers hailing from Mexico and Spain.

Extra Anejo Product Details:

Mexico Flag NOM:  1460

Mexico Flag Region:  Jalisco (Los Altos Southern)

Mexico Flag Distillation:  2x Distilled



lobos 1707
The Lobos 1707 lineup.

Lobos 1707 Extra Anejo Tequila Tasting Notes

I recommend tasting any extra anejo neat in a fancy sipping glass, but if you must, you can add ice.  (Preferably one giant cube.)  Never, ever add any mix to this type of tequila as you will be super wasteful as there is no need to dilute an expensive tequila with soda, juice, or anything else for that matter.

lobos 1707 extra anejo

Aged for three years in American white oak, this extra anejo is then finished in wine barrels (Pedro Ximénez, which are said to be historic.)  You'll find that sipping this tequila will bring out notes of wood, sweet citrus, tobacco, and roast coffee.  For me, there is nothing better than having an extra anejo with a great cigar.

For full disclosure, I like to sip any tequila prior to reading other people's tasting notes and then come back and compare notes.

The Press Release announcing it's launch had this to say:

lobos 1707

I'm not a huge “nose person” with tequila, and since I literally am just getting over an asymptomatic battle with COVID-19 and don't have much sense of smell, we'll update that part later.  In terms of flavor, you'll find the woodiness, tobacco, and coffee right away, with a smooth, extended finish that makes this a sipping tequila I'll never turn down.

The packaging is fairly traditional, yet impressive and detail oriented at the same time. I'm a huge fan of the look and feel.  A corked bottle under a wooden cap is a nice touch, but unlike other ultra premium tequilas, you won't see a fancy box sold with Lobos 1707.  (There goes my unboxing video!)

At this time, the tequila is only available in select retailers in Florida, California, and New York City.  I was lucky enough to get my bottle as a Christmas gift from my son, who purchased it at ReserveBar.  Very soon, I'll buy the Lobos 1707 mezcal as the mezcal reviews section is getting a lot of traffic and after my trip to Mexico I'm really digging the smokiness of mezcal.


Lobos 1707










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    I’ve got about an ounce left of the Lobos 1707 Jovan remaining in the freezer and I have to say this is one of the most delicious tequilas I’ve ever heard. My NYE resolution to was experience more tequilas. Purchased in Feb, online from FL, I’m in Los Angeles but CA is sold out. Out of the 4 brands I sipped for the first time, one Resposado, 2 Blanco, I enjoy both, Lobos 1707 is unquestionably the best and almost half the price as one I was disappointed with.

    1. Hi xAlex,

      Thanks for stopping by! I will add that to my never-ending list. What is the one you were disappointed with if you don’t mind me asking?

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