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The Jose Cuervo Tequila Train Experience

Two of my favorite hobbies are sipping different tequilas and traveling, so it shouldn't shock you that I've updated my bucket list to include a ride on the Jose Cuervo Express, aka “The Tequila Train,” an elevated experience offering all you can drink tequila while you power through the Mexican countryside.  While the actual train has been operational for many years, the recent addition of an incredible new experience led me to rallying up my merry brand of friends in a group text to see when we can possibly get down to Mexico to check this out!

What is the Tequila Train Route?

The tequila train is an 11 hour trip from Guadalajara through the raw countryside of Mexico that ends in the small town of tequila, the community that offers up it's world class spirit.

The newly offered “Elite Experience” is essentially the “Business Class” of the Tequila Train and it offers room for 37 guests.  Guests can enjoy the wood paneled car with features such as incredible views through the floor to ceiling glass windows while they indulge on a premium bar stocked with great tequilas like Maestro Dobel, Reserva de la Familia, 1800, and more!  It's unknown, however, if they offer sangrita drinks.  If you find yourself looking to get into some other spirits, which I wouldn't personally recommend, there is also rum, whiskey, vodka, and even craft cocktails.

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Pic source: MUNDO CUERVO

In addition to the unlimited beverages, you can also enjoy onboard entertainment, snacks, and a tasting led by a tequilier.  By the end of your ride, you'll not only be in good spirits, but you'll also have picked up an education about the spirits you were able to sip.

When it's all said and done, you'll make it to the oldest distillery in Latin America, the “La Rojena,” by Jose Cuervo.  If conditions allow it, you can even take a strut through the agave fields.

The new Elite Experience has a cost of $166 and the ride can be enjoyed at sunrise or sunset.

jose cuervo express
Pic source: MUNDO CUERVO


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