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What is a Tequila Flight?

One of the all-time best ways that I’ve discovered to drink alcoholic beverages containing agave, and in particular tequila, is to drink them in a flight and have samples of more than one of these drinks at the same time.

If you like frequenting Mexican restaurants or tequila bars like many of us do, you’ll certainly find that there are a number of different tequila flights available to clamoring customers looking to enjoy this tasty alcohol filled beverage.

I like to invite family and friends over to my house and make tequila flights for them. And this is particularly fun whenever a new agave spirit hits the shelves of my local liquor store, because this allows all of us to assign tequila ratings to each one we sample and therefore, teach us what we ought to buy next time we are looking for a new sipping tequila.

Inviting friends and family to my home and introducing them to different tequila flights is a great way to get them to try tequila in the first place. They will likely discover a tequila infused beverage or two that they dislike, but more than likely they’ll find a great tasting flight that they absolutely love as well.

More often than not, a typical flight contains 3 to 5 quarter shots, so keep that in mind.

I also want you to know that there are a few very tasty flights to make or sample at your local pub, and some that I have seen around South Florida Include:

Various Tequila Flights

  • Spirit of Mexico Flight – I’m particularly fond of this flight because it contains the spirits of three different Mexican agave-based products. To make this drink, grab three shot glasses and pour a quarter or half shot of Del Maguey Chichicapa, Don Cuco Sotol, and your favorite or preferred brand of tequila.
  • Horizontal Tequila Flight – this particular flight is exciting because it gives you the opportunity to try three of the same kinds of tequila. Grab three shot glasses and pour a half shot or quarter shot of Casa Noble Reposado, Gran Centenario Reposado, and Herradura Reposado.
  • Vertical Tequila Flight – in this instance, you’re going to combine a flight of three tequila products that are all from the same brand. Take three shot glasses and pour a half shot or quarter shot of Anejo, Reposado, and Organic Blanco, but make sure they were all made by Republic.

All in all, sampling tequila is best done in flights.  If you have any recommendations or ways you like to sample tequila, comment below!

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