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Rey Sol Tequilas by San Matias (Not Just a Pretty Bottle!)

If you've ever shopped for tequila at any liquor store that knows what a premium brand is, you've definitely noticed the iconic Rey Sol tequila bottle smiling down at you from the top shelf.  There's an unwritten rule in the tequila world that when a bottle looks this dazzling, the tequila inside is usually garbage.  However, there are exceptions to every rule, and Rey Sol Extra Anejo tequila is an exception here.  I hope you enjoy my Rey Sol Tequila review as I truly enjoyed putting it together for you over a few glasses of this amazing sipping tequila.

Let's dive in! 

Rey Sol Tequila Review

Made by Casa San Matias, this is aged for six years in French Oak Barrels and is double distilled in stainless steel stills.  Sergio Bustamante is the Mexican artist that designed the unforgettable and stunning bottle which doubles as a decanter and I can guarantee you'll be proud to show it off in your collection.

rey sol extra anejo review
This gorgeous bottle also doubles as a decanter.

The agave is grown and harvested in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, where the red soil fields are rich in iron and minerals.  The conditions help bring out the rich flavor you'll experience in this fine tequila.

First Take:

The appearance is an intense amber with copper overtones whether you pour it into your favorite sipping tequila glass or view it through the amazing bottle.  Orange copper highlights glimmer off this


I'm getting the obvious and usual extra anejo expression here in the strong presence of cooked agave, oak and vanilla along with some caramel.  I'm also sensing some chocolate and nut, while other people are talking about dried fruit and roasted almonds.


Lots of oak here at the forefront, along with the caramel and vanilla.  Buttery, silky smooth, with some slight pepper, butterscotch, and a long agave finish with a small alcohol taste.  A very complex, well thought out blend here that has made it among my top extra anejo tequilas.

Again, usually a pretty bottle means an inferior tequila, but this is NOT the case with Rey Sol!  The juice matches the beauty of the bottle here!

Rey Sol 20th Anniversary 10 Years Aged Extra Anejo

Just received in the Summer of 2021 is this very special edition extra anejo tequila by Rey Sol.  The tequila celebrates the 20th anniversary of Casa San Matias and it's a single barrel cask strength aged for 10 years in new French barrels.  This extended time allows the tequila to slowly take on notes of caramel, vanilla, wood, roasted coffee, toasted almonds, and dark chocolate.

rey sol 20th anniversary

This barrel cask strength is a 45% ABV making it 90 proof tequila.  Like the above edition, this is also in a 750 ml bottle.

Updating my notes on this one very soon! Stay tuned!  While you are here, please check out another one of my favorite brands – Tequila Ocho!  They have a very similar expertise when it comes to making single estate tequilas.


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