Tres Cuatro Cinco Tequila

This famous tequila brand known as the Tres Cuatro Cinco is made with pure one hundred percent Weber Blue agave and is being made by the Foneca family of Mexico in the Jalisco area. This product is being grown and distilled along the fourth generation now of the family where the extra anejo is derived of a blend of three, four and five aged tequilas and therefore this is where it gets its name from. The crystal decanters the product is cased in is handcrafted and created by an artist from the city of Mexico Alonso Gonzalez Jr. Every bottle is signed and numbered by the artist where only 1000 bottles have only ever been produced which certainly makes the tequila along with its bottle truly a highly special collector’s favorite. The tequila in its flavor is sophisticated and smooth and makes it therefore ideal for sipping.

Production Details:

Mexico FlagNOM:  1146

Mexico FlagRegion:  Jalisco (Los Valles)

Tres Cuatro Cinco Reviews

The tequila a lovely golden brown colour almost towards a beautiful bronze with aromas that are earthy and floral, following this when you pass through the power of the nose, there are moderate notes which you can smell of fruit and a touch of vanilla. The tequila then becomes soft and smooth on the tip of the tongue feeling oily and also heavy in the mouth along with which it also holds a strong level of intensity going up to a full level of intensity. The tequila also has a medium to low level of bitter taste but is however relatively sweet and could very much be analogous to a syrup. Talking about the flavor of the tequila it has very rich floral and earthy notes which are then teamed up with reasonable notes of spice, fruit, agave with slight vanilla, smoke and caramel. Talking about the finish notes of the tequila, it gives a slight feeling of numbing with a medium to long ranging span of flavor.

This tequila is generally given an overall rating of A class tequila and is a certain recommendation because of the elegance of this drink and its sophistication, terming it to be ‘truly’ a masterpiece. Not just the tequila but the bottle it is poured out from is also a unique production, it being handcrafted making it a very valuable and cherished item for collectors, where the shape of the bottle is also one of a kind. The match of the drink and its presentation are very much what makes it justify the price it is at with each bottle to about $350, with just a few bottles being produced in the first place.

Why is this called Tres, Cuatro, Cinco?

Very good question!  I did some research and found out it's because this is made from a special family blend of 30% (3 year), 40% (four year), and 30% (five year) aged tequila.  A very unique branding aspect if you ask me!

Current prices, according to, range from $250 – $500.

Understanding now everyone can splurge for this high class tequila, I also encourage you to read the review of Riazul anejo, which is certainly a fine tequila at a much more comforting price point.