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Tita Dona Celia Edition Tequila Reviews

I'm a sucker for cool looking tequila bottles, so when I saw this beauty staring me down, I knew I had to add it to my collection.  The Tita Dona Celia Edition tequila I tried was a reposado, but they also make this in the blanco and anejo expressions.

Production Details:

Mexico FlagNOM:  1438

Mexico FlagRegion:  Jalisco (Los Valles)

Tita Dona Celia Review

Dona Celia Tequila
In a prime position in my tequila collection.

Let's start off with the lovely presentation of the porcelain bottle of the Mexican Catrina, enclosed in a very sturdy box, which tells a story on the back.  La Catrina is a figure you'll see often in Mexico as she was a symbolic figure during the Mexican Revolution.  She's also associated with the Day of the Dead, or Dia de Muertos if you want to say it in proper Spanish, an event that goes on every November 2. In fact, she's so famous and symbolic that I have a whole page about Mexico's La Catrina.

Made in Jalisco at the Casa Maestri distillery, which has won more awards than any other distillery, and I have to add that you won't find many bottles getting as many looks as this one.  Every figure is different in the three varieties of tequila that Dona Celia produces.

Who is Dona Celia?

Unlike the traditional Catrina, Dona Celia lives on and enjoys a simple and quiet life with a large presence in the tequila industry.  She's called an “inspiration” on the packaging, and tequila has been her way of life.

Dona Celia Box
The backside of the box tells the story of La Catrina and Dona Celia.

A 100% agave tequila, your guests won't be able to not comment on the gorgeous porcelain bottle featuring amazing attention to detail.  On the inside, you can take comfort in the process that the blue agave hearts are cooked in a brick oven in a slow baking process.  Molinos, (mills) are used to extract the juices from the agave.

Please come back soon for a full rating and notes from our taste test!  We're letting Catrina rest in the collection so we can admire her for a while longer before we get into a full Tita Dona Celia Edition Tequila Review.

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