Tequila Distilleries

There are many distilleries of Tequila in Mexico since it evolved from there and is produced there in large quantities every year and exported all over the world. Jalisco is the city which is most commonly associated with the production of Tequila and this is where the earlier version of the drink are said to have been created in pre-Hispanic times.

It is the Blue Agave plant which is used to make Tequila and it is again exclusive to this region in Mexico. Below are some popular distilleries which create the largest amounts of the fermented drink throughout the year.

Popular Distilleries

  • Jose Cuervo is one of the largest and oldest distilleries in Mexico and for good reason. It has spread out all over Latin America and is well known everywhere in the world and it commands the most imports from the United States. They make the best original agave Tequilas and that is their specialty.
  • La Fortaleza is also an old name with a very old family attached to it. The site where most of the Tequila is now distilled was a museum for some length of time but it was renovated and now serves it purpose. The family of Sauza controls the creation of the Tequila in their deep set caves which is what gives the drink a marvelous sense of homemade wonder as well as history.
  • Pura Sangre is the distillery which creates a very special kind of Tequila. This Tequila is made from plants in aging woods and the company makes the largest amounts of Tequila or the second largest depending on output per year and they have the real authentic taste which is precisely what most buyers of Tequila would pay a fortune for. It is found in the town of Tequila.
  • Don Fulano is another distillery which is an expert in exotic Tequilas and they are known for their experimentation and occasional innovation. They are also situated in the town of Tequila near Jalisco.
  • In the city of Tequila you will find Casa Noble Tequila distillery which again specializes in the lowland style of distilling and the taste is fairly unique. Large amounts are exported every year to the United States and other countries.
  • 1800 Tequila is again from this region of Jalisco and it makes the most expensive and most sought after Tequila in the world. A combination of French and American oak is used for aging. 1800 colleccion is the name of the product which is rare and obscenely expensive.

I'll be updating each tequila review with information on which distillery makes each brand.  Stay tuned!