Calle 23 Review

This famous tequila brand called Calle 23 was founded by Sophie Decobecq, who had her foundations in the cognac industry being a French woman mainly. In France, she was a microbiologist by profession, however, she learned and experienced the art and trade of distilling spirit in South Africa. Her love and adoration for tequila was evident and she moved to Mexico with the wish and will to begin a brand of her own. That is from where, Calle 23 was created even though it is not exactly a heritage product like the many others available it is also cheaper in the market at $22 per bottle. It is also a hit with the flavor it has and has notes of citrus on the nose and a lasting hint of apples and pears.

Calle 23 Blanco Tequila Review

This tequila is distilled to around 54% and is then diluted with distillery well water down to 40% after which it is bottled. The Calle 23 Blanco has been developed with two particular yeasts which gives the space to the agave to show off itself at its best potential. On the other hand with Reposado, one yeast is in common with the Blanco and Anejo where one yeast is different and this is done to bring out the balance among the agave and the spiciness which it derives from the original tequila and the minor wood element which is a major essence of the final tequila where stress has been laid on the agave character of the original tequila which is in the barrel and yeasts used are the same as that in the Blanco.

This tequila is also generally not aged where the time for ageing is a maximum of 59 days and therefore the Calle 23 Blanco is not completely aged to give out fully the character of the agave. Coming to the tasting notes for the Calle 23 Blanco these are fresh, light, subtle, however, this is a relatively short spun on the palate and also is on the other hand smooth velvety and has quite bold characteristics and elements which can be enjoyed.

It is also important to pay heed to the process where the agave plants are cooked slowly and this can be allowed to take place either way in a stone oven or in stainless steel autoclaves. Calle 23 tequila gradually cooks the agaves in stainless steel autoclaves for 7 hours, and after this also allow the temperature to drop down for 3 more hours. This accomplishes to get the core of the agave cooked and the outer part of the plant not overcooked or burned.

With this said, the Calle 23 has already won awards which include Double Gold for the Añejo at 2009 San Francisco Spirits Competition, gold medal for the Reposado and bronze medal for the Blanco, Best New Product at CLASS Awards 2010 and ‘Chairman Trophy’ at the US Ultimate Spirits Competition. The bottle of this Calle 23 Blanco is also sophisticated in its design, rather simple too with screen printed red agave leaves.