El Segundo Sol on the Vegas Strip

If you find yourself in Las Vegas, you have many options to stumble into all types of Tequila. As a loyal Wynn & Encore guest, I find myself at the end of strip where El Segundo restaurant and bar resides.  I was just there this past weekend, and here is my review.

El Segundo Sol Restaurant Review

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This place has everything I look for in a Vegas bar.  Sports, beer, great food, and oh, TEQUILA.

After a bad run on the blackjack tables, I decided to head on over to this place for some fresh air, as I usually do when I determine I can walk the casino blindfolded.  It's always nice to get outside, especially on a nice balmy 65 degree day.  It beats the Summer heat as well as the humidity back home in South Florida.

I opted to drink a grapefruit margarita to have something different and shake things up.  It didn't disappoint.  Neither did the chicken enchiladas, which is usually my Mexican meal of choice.  Something about a good fresh green sauce always drags me in.

Being February, it was a slow time of year in Vegas as far as sports goes.  Just the mid season NHL and NBA games as well as college hoops.  I can say I've been here for NFL and College football and it didn't disappoint.

Overall, I enjoyed my last visit, as I had all my other visits to El Segundo.  I ended my time there with some Casamigos Reposados and enjoyed taking in the scenery.   I sat at the outside bar because the interior was packed and I wanted fresh air.

If you find yourself staying at a hotel near by and want a change of pace, this is a great place to do so.

Menu & Website:  https://www.elsegundosol.com

Address: Fashion Show, 3200 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone:  (702) 258-1211




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