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Fortaleza Tequila

Tequila is undoubtedly the national drink of Mexico. The history of tequila's beginnings represents a rich heritage that dates back 900 years.

The early Aztecs utilized a variation of tequila consumed during celebrations and religious ceremonies. Further variations of tequila have been made in central Mexico for hundreds of years. Today, one of the most popular brands is Fortaleza Tequila.

Tequila Fortaleza: What You Need to Know

This is ultra-authentic tequila, produced to an age-old method and formula utilizing age-old procedures and age-old apparatus.

Fortaleza Tequila is debatably one of the most marvelous, artisan-made tequilas available in the field of agave spirits. Starting in 2005, Fortaleza Tequilas has accumulated a following of fanatics unrivaled by any other brand with just fifteen years in the market.

On the other hand, the origin of Fortaleza Tequila reaches far past its recent history. Guillermo Erickson Sauza is the operator and owner and the 5th generation of the well-known Sauza family, whose inheritance in the field of tequila way back in 1843 with Canobio Sauza, his great-great-grandfather.


Fortaleza Blanco (The Aroma of Cooked Agave and more)

Fortaleza Blanco is one of the most popular tequilas available from Fortaleza for many good reasons. The nose provides a rich green olive smell, with orange peel, lime, and cooked agave.

When it comes to palate, this tequila offers a great and wonderful oily mouthfeel; it has the rich flavor of agave sweetness, olive, mint, and ripe fruit, as well as a salty note and a bit drizzle of black pepper.

Fortaleza Blanco has a long finish, peppery at first with that cooked agave and anise in the background together with pleasant warmth.

Nose: Agave, citrus, olive, and lime.

Palate: Agave, olive, mint, and black pepper.

The Fortaleza Blanco indeed tastes like true tequila. It gives a cooked agave taste together with a remarkable hint of olive and a perfect level of sweetness, which makes it the best silver tequila available on the market today. Definitely a little bit of whiskey, but subtle

What makes this popular is the complex zests yet effortless to drink without a bad bite. This can be consumed either rocks or neat.

Fortaleza Reposado

Fortaleza Reposado

Fortaleza Reposado is a must-try tequila. It has a roasted agave aroma together with oak, floral, and vanilla. When it comes to the taste, you get olive and agave flavors ideal balanced against butterscotch, oak, and vanilla notes and has a creamy mouth feel.

Nose: Vanilla, toasted agave, oak, as well as floral notes.

Palate: Cooked agave, butterscotch, oak, vanilla, mineral, and olive.

It has a medium and pleasantly warm finish. It is rich in oak, agave as well as vanilla with a hint of black pepper; all are balanced to provide a remarkable taste. Still, agave forward like the Blanco, but with just a bit of the edge taken off.

Fortaleza Reposado has an earthy and dry aroma and bursts with citrus. Oak smoked caramel and sticky coffee are at the forefront with a pear and apple background, separated by a mid-ground of nutmeg and cinnamon.

This tequila can be enjoyed as a T&T or neat. Just mix it with tonic along with ice cubes, and garnish with basil leaves to go along with the herbaceous notes.

It has a solid balance between oaky and agave and oaky flavors freeing from the bourbon barrel with a bit of warmth, making it one of the most sought-after tequila reposado available.

Fortaleza Añejo

Fortaleza Añejo

If you are searching for sweet tequila with some kick of whisky, then Fortaleza Añejo is the best choice.  It has butterscotch, sweet agave, and caramel notes, along with roasted agave, vanilla, and oak.  Añejo has an oily and buttery texture that coats your mouth in a soothing manner. It has a rich agave flavor, white pepper, and baking spice together with definitely some butterscotch and vanilla with only a tad of oak spice.

Nose: Agave, oak, and caramel

Palate: Butterscotch, agave, citrus, definitely honey, as well as hazelnuts.

The finish of Añejo last longer with a nice heat that warms your heart. The blue agave, a hint of caramel, oak, and pineapple are what make this tequila apart from the rest. It is considered one of the best tequilas from Fortaleza due to its pleasant heat but balanced with a remarkable and awesome finish.

Is Fortaleza Tequila Nice?

Yes. Fortaleza is considered great top-shelf tequila for aficionados able to take pleasure in an old-school dram. In fact, this is a favorite and endorsed by many connoisseurs.

Fortaleza is a small batch of tequila by Guillermo Erickson Sauza. This was produced with the use of the brick oven to cook agave that is then compressed and mashed using a tahona stone and afterward fermented in open air tanks made of wood.

This is how tequila was conventionally made prior to commercial pressure distillers that changed to contemporary processes. Some may like or dislike this method as they think tequila is being stripped away from its real meaning or essence.

Fortaleza Uses an Old Method

Fortaleza Tequilas have a unique taste due to the old method of making. First, agave is cooked slowly for about 36hours in a big round two-ton volcanic stoke to smash the fibers.

The stone that is pulled by a tractor separates the sugars prior to moving forward to the fermentation process.

This technique is named the tahona approach and is renowned for leaving sugar behind.  Because of this process, the company was able to maintain the quality of the final product.

Each Bottle of  Fortaleza Tequila is Exceptional

Each bottle of Fortaleza Tequila is hand blown as well as finished on top with a hand-painted agave piña stopper which makes it unique and awesome. This makes your mini bar looks amazing.

Is Fortaleza Sipping Tequila?

Absolutely yes! Fortaleza is fine sipping fantastic tequila intended for skilled and experienced drinkers who really love old-fashioned tequila.

Where Can I Buy Fortaleza Tequila?

You can buy Fortaleza Tequila online in different stores. However, some of the popular dealers to find this agave spirit are Old Town Tequila, Caskers, and Drizly.  Prices vary among them, so make sure to visit each store to compare the price.

There Are No Additives

The best thing about Fortaleza aged tequilas is that they are free of additives usually utilized to standardize flavors and smells of spirits because they are likely to differ from batch to batch.

Where is Fortaleza Tequila Made?

Fortaleza Tequila was made and produced in Jalisco in the distillery, which the owner took many years to rebuild and develop. Fortaleza makes fantastic stuff, and this is because of their years of experience in the tequila business.


There are many reasons why Fortaleza Tequila is loved by many aficionados. One reason is the traditional production process to keep its taste. Fortaleza Tequila is full of taste and ideal for sipping. Rated high by tequila matchmaker.

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