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10 Health Benefits of Drinking Tequila

As if you needed another reason to drink tequila, today I'm going to share with you some important medicinal benefits of tequila.  You are probably going back and reading that sentence again, because most likely, you've never heard someone tell you that tequila is actually healthy for you.

Is Tequila Healthy for You?

If you are drinking 100% agave tequila, you'll get the best health benefits that I'll outline below.  Most of the tequila reviews that you'll read here are 100% agave, but if they aren't, I also make it a point to share that with you as well.  So for starters, make sure you look for 100% agave!

100% agave tequila

I also need to add the disclaimer that you should be drinking in moderation.  Binge drinking is fun, and in my younger days, I was all about it, but with a son in tow and businesses to be mindful of, well, I've learned to sip and enjoy without getting TOO crazy.

Now, with that said, here are a few of tequila's health benefits.  

Tequila Can Promote Weight Loss

Let me be very real here and tell you that the best way to lose weight is to avoid drinking beer and alcohol entirely.  Any fitness buff will tell you that the liquid calories add up, especially in the waistline.  They also can lead to a hangover, which of course, will mean we aren't necessarily going to have a great workout the next day.

tequila for weight loss

With that said, if you are drinking, tequila is one of the healthier options out there.  In specific, there are weight loss properties in a kind of sugar that you'll find in tequila called agavins.  The difference between these sugars and other sugars is that these will make it's way through your system unused.  Other alcohol sugars can't make that same statement.

Tequila Helps with Digestion

Having a shot after you eat has been linked to helping digestion.  Some reports suggest that drinking a shot prior to eating food can boost your metabolism, especially when coupled with a shot after the meal.

tequila for digestion

Tequila is Probiotic

Tequila is derived from fructans, and a few of these that it's made from has a solid amount of these.  Probiotics help your digestion, and if you haven't learned this by now, read all about their importance here.

tequila probiotic

Tequila is Prebiotic

You can also benefit from the importance of prebiotic abundance, which will help the intestines be an environment where healthy bacteria can do it's job.

tequila prebiotic

Tequila Won't Get Your Hungover

You read that one right, and it's NOT a typo.  However, you must drink the good stuff!  You can't drink the bottom of the barrel stuff and think you will be okay.  Look for 100% agave tequila as I mentioned in the beginning of this piece. You will get a hangover if you drink cheap tequila mostly because they will concoct it with other sugar alcohols which could really mess you up.

tequila hangovers

Of course, anyone who over-consumes any alcoholic beverage has a serious chance of getting hung over, so be careful out there!

Tequila Can Fight Osteoporosis

Coming back full circle to the agavins that help in losing weight, they've also been shown in many studies to be able to assist in calcium absorption.  This can prevent your bones from becoming frail or brittle.

Tequila Could Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Since the fructans in tequila aren't digestible, diabetics can drink tequila from time to time because it stimulates insulin production and won't create the crazy blood sugar increase that can happen in diabetics.  I will add, that while I read that in one of the resources below, I'm far from a Doctor, so please talk to yours before doing any consumption.

Tequila Could Lower Your Chance of Getting Dementia

Moderate amounts of alcohol consumption have been linked by a BBC report to have a lower chance of dementia development later in life.  On the flip side, people who drank too much alcohol would have a better chance of onset dementia.

Tequila Helps Drugs Arrive at the Colon

If you have a digestive system disease, such as colitis, IBS, or Crohn's Disease, the fructans I discussed earlier could be beneficial in getting drugs past the stomach acid and to your colon.  (This is where they are needed.).

Tequila Curbs Insomnia

We're always relaxed when we sip tequila, and this can assist the nerves and perhaps help you sleep better if you suffer from sleep deprivation.  Don't become dependent on it, but it may be beneficial for you to sip o some tequila prior to hitting the sack.

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