Tequila Pasion

Tequila Pasion Review

Tequila Pasion

At this point, some of the most superb and excellent tequila available worldwide are as good as a fine bourbon or robust glass of wine which beer pong and jello shots.

El Manto Passion, one of the world's most popular tequila brands, has been in the business for many years and so you will not be disappointed by its products and service. They provide a different portfolio of authentic and genuine tequilas you will not find in a nightclub or seedy bar.

Despite the hard-partying reputation, the brand is making some very interesting and unique flavorful tequila, including the El Manto Passion Blanco Rosas Tequila.

Tequila Pasion Reviews: Getting to Know More About this Tequila

There are some things more delicious or thrilling than finding out a new bottle of tequila to put into your collection.

One thing is sure; spreading your Spirits out with Passion Tequila from El Mante is an exciting and thrilling way of enjoying yourself.

It is loved and adored due to its flavor profile. Slightly fruit, sweet, spicy, and agave are the renowned flavors in this Passion Tequila.

Do not be fooled into believing this is just like other tequilas. Expect that each bottle provides real taste and zest bound to spirit connoisseurs.

Are you looking for fun and adventure in your glass? Look no further than Passion Tequila.

This tequila is carefully distilled in Jalisco Mexico by Agaveros y Teguileros Unidos de Los Altos and bottled at 40 percent.

The outcome is well-rounded tequila intended to be loved and enjoyed by tequila fanatics and newbies. Go further than your standard option and try it for yourself.

You can discover more zests with a wide selection of bottles from different parts of the world.

What Makes Pasion Tequila Unique

Tequila Pasion unique

A remarkable tequila of unequal superiority, Pasion Tequila evokes those revolutionary periods by providing you with the unperturbed essence of its regal tequila produced from the blue agave plants.

El Manter Blanco Rosas Passion is 100 percent agave tequila, which is un-aged. This is called “Rosas” because of its unique and lovely pink color that comes from all-natural components during the distillation process.

This 100 percent agave tequila got its unique color from a secret process that provides this color in a natural way.

Black Rosas stars a new classification of tequila, exceptional to the Blanco Tequila market.


Is Pasion Tequila good?

Yes, Pasion tequila is extremely good. Not just is it delicious, but also superb ad exceptional in the Aneho category.

It is overly sweet and has many spice notes of a Blanco. It is extremely tasty and well-balanced.

The initial taste is nice and complex. You will get notes of clay, oak, vanilla, and raw agave.

It’s sharp and slightly medicinal however not that overpowering.

The flavors mix well with the aroma, except you will get a lot of pepper up front.

Why do people love it at the initial taste?

El Mante Pasion Tequila Blanco Rosas, carefully distilled at Agaveros y Tequileros Unidos de Los Altos, is adored for its slightly sweet, spicy, and agave flavor notes.


Pasion Tequila from El Monter is one of the best tequilas today, even at the initial taste, because of its amazing value and remarkable flavors.

For an inexpensive sipper or to combine into a cocktail during meals and food taste events, Pasion Tequila offers a perfect balance between price and quality. It is best to drink with carne asada burrito or pollo el salsa with macha sauce. Dont skip your food or meal when drinking any liquor.

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