Tapatio Tequila Review

Tapatio Tequila is a premium 100% blue agave tequila first distilled in 1925. Its spicy yet smooth flavor that is additive free and that has a cult-like following in Mexico.  

Tapatio is used for many purposes, (for me, just sipping neat) including cooking and cocktails like Margaritas, Palomas, and Micheladas.

You can enjoy this spicy yet smooth taste on its own or mixed into your favorite drinks. In some regions of Mexico, you can find it as the base of an aphrodisiac cocktail called “Agavita.”

Of course, this is made by Carlos Camarena, who needs no introduction if you are a super fan of tequila brands.

Tapatio Tequila Blanco

There aren't many tequilas that taste as good as Tapatio Blanco, and even more so, when you stay in the price range it's sold for.  You'll taste notes of agave, pepper, citrus, minerals, earth, grass, among others.

tapatio tequila

Additionally, it also contains no artificial flavors or colors like most popular brands do today. Read more about that on our page about additives in tequila.  With its versatility and low-calorie content, this makes Tapatio a great choice for those looking for a healthier option.

Besides its great taste and healthy properties, Tapatio is also affordable and easy to find. It can be found in most liquor stores and retails for around $20 per bottle. With its quality and affordability, it's no wonder that Tapatio is one of the most popular premium tequilas in the United States.

tapatio blanco review

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What Makes Tapatio Tequila so Great?

Tapatio is a premium 100% blue agave tequila first distilled in 1925, and created to be the best tasting, smoothest drinking tequila.

This spicy yet smooth flavor may be consumed on its own or combined with other ingredients.

In some regions of Mexico, you can find it as the base of an aphrodisiac cocktail called “Agavita”.

So what makes Tapatio so great – for starters, it's made with 100% blue agave which means that the tequila is smooth and doesn't have that harsh aftertaste that you sometimes get with other tequilas.

It's also distilled twice which gives it a clean and crisp flavor.

But why do people love agavita – well, it's a smooth drink that has a nice spicy flavor to it which makes it perfect for sipping on its own or mixing into your favorite cocktails.

It's also an aphrodisiac cocktail! So if you're looking to heat things up in the bedroom, agavita is the perfect way to go.

Tapatio Excelencia Extra Añejo

This is one of the best extra anejo tequilas you will ever try! Aged in bourbon barrels and distilled in copper pots, you'll get a lot of the oak, caramel, agave, and vanilla that you'll find in many other complex extra anejo's.  Check out the dark color of this one!  It's one that you'll have to sip on to truly enjoy.  Made in stone & brick ovens, extracted with a roller mill and tahona, you can't get any better than this.  It ranks right up there for me with Tears of Llorona and Rey Sol.

tapatio excelencia review


Tapatio Tequila has won over 150 awards for taste, quality, packaging, and marketing since it was first distilled in 1925.

Tapatio is “The Ultimate Margarita Tequila” and has won many awards including the World's Best Blanco Tequilla at The Beverage Testing Institute of Chicago (BTI) tasting competition for two years running.

The tequila starts with agaves harvested five years earlier; they are then cooked in steam ovens for 72 hours, crushed with a silver-dollar-sized stone wheel, and then double distilled. The end product is less than 10 impurities for every 1,000,000 molecules of tequila.

There is no doubt that Tapatio Tequila is a world-class spirit! If you're looking for the perfect gift for any occasion, look no further than this award-winning product from Mexico!


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