Blue Nectar

Blue Nectar Tequila Review

Blue Nectar

If your bottle of tequila isn’t marked as 100 percent blue agave, the tequila is “mixto” and might have been distilled from as little as 60 percent agave juice with other sugars.

Tequila prepared from just one agave sugar is made in Mexico and is marked made in Mexico or Hecho en Mexico.

Tequila is aged in wooden barrels made of oak for six to eight months.  As tequila is aged, it becomes smoother, with a silver or golden color and woody taste.

Aging might disguise the agave flavor, and some forms of tequila are aged longer than 2 to 4 years.

Each distillery in Mexico is assigned a NOM number or Normas Official Mexicana to show that the distiller has complied with the government standards.  One of the best tequila available today is the Blue Nectar Tequila Silver. In fac, it recieved Gold Award San Francisco Spirits Gold 2013

Blue Nectar Tequila Silver Overview

blue nectar tequila

The Blue Nectar Silver is a double distilled Blanco with notes of green pepper and ample, cinnamon, and blended with herbal agave.

On the taste,  the flavor or zest of roasted agave dominates with a note of black pepper clinging to the back of your throat.  Sweetness is also present but indefinable, as hot vegetal notes are likely to dominate.

The Blue Nectar started with a simple, straightforward, driving passion for making a small number of artisan tequila bottles with exceptionally their own yet universally popular flavors.

Tasting Notes of Tequila Silver

The very popular Blue Nectar Silver Tequila is extremely light tequila with a slight and delicate fruit taste of lime, cantaloupe as well as grapefruit peel.  More weight comes into play from peppery spices, caramel, vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon nose.

This is an excellent tequila to recommend for somebody who wishes for something more on a sweet or fruity side rather than a vegetable flavor spectrum.

Tasting Tequila

Where is Blue Nectar Silver Tequila Made?

With three expressions, Special Reserve, Reposado, and Silver, the story of Blue Nectar starts in the blue agave fields of Jalisco, Mexico, where Jimadors vigilantly hand-select every plant to be cooked as well as pressed.

The manufacturer has some rebranding, shuffled labels and names, and put in full Anejo to the mix while they are sticking with its agave-forward taste profile.

Is Blue Agave Silver Good Tequila?

First and foremost, it has a deep and smooth taste, like fine-aged tequila.  On the other hand, the aftertaste is citric and fresh, deep and smooth, like you may look forward to an aged tequila.

Why Consider Blue Agave Silver Tequila From Other Drinks?

blue agave silver tequila

There are many good reasons why you must choose this silver tequila from Blue Agave, such as:


Fare-priced and not overly complicated perfect for cocktails

Mineral Notes

Exceptional, essential oils and crisp mineral notes agave with some hint of sulfur, but not in an off-putting manner.

Acceptable Flavor

The flavor is very acceptable, most especially the pepper and thyme.  It has some spicy flavor but is remarkable.  The finish lingers longer than anticipated.

Stylish Decanter

Comes in a beautiful bottle with beautiful and smooth tequila inside.


Blue Agave Silver Tequila is the best choice if you search for a unique tequila flavor.  This is also a perfect gift for any event. Drink or sip it with tapa and cheese.

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