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Hey, thanks for visiting my tequila review website.  

Whether you are a life long fan of tequila, new to drinking tequila, or just here messing around, I appreciate your visit.  I always tell people I am NOT an expert in tequila.  It’s important for you to know that.  I’m simply a fan of tequila and have been studying it for the last several years in addition to sampling as much fine tequila as time allows.

I would certainly like to carve out time to gain the Tequilier certification, but presently, I’m just a big fan of the spirit who has experience with all sorts of craft beers and alcohol.  I tried sipping scotch (not for me), and do enjoy bourbon, but for me, there is nothing better than a fine tequila with a great story behind it.

I’m a South Florida based entrepreneur with a long history of working exclusively on the Internet.  You can read more about me on my personal website – TimSchmidt.com.

I created this website for two main reasons:

#1:   I enjoy blogging and reviewing products.

#2:   There is a huge misunderstanding about tequila in general and I’d like to help people understand why it’s such an emerging drink of choice in this day and age.

I hope to be able to provide as many reviews of tequila bars that I visit as well as reviews of individual tequilas I choose to drink in an effort to have the best website about tequila PERIOD.  I will stop at nothing to accomplish that goal, and when time permits, I’ll be traveling the world to bring you the best information possible.

Please follow me on Twitter for news and updates, @tequilareviews.

I do encourage user participation and feedback.  Please link up with me on any social media property I manage as well as on this very website.  The social media links are located on the bottom of the page.   If you would like to send me an email about any topic under the sun, please use the form below.  I do accept advertising of all sorts in order to make this worth my time, so please don’t be shy to hit me up.

About Tequila Reviews

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About Tequila Reviews


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