Videos Coming Very Soon!

Hey everyone, Tim here with an exciting announcement.

I’ve been busy shooting videos and kicking butt checking out new tequilas.  I hope you enjoy everything that’s coming out.  I’m doing some quick editing before I release them, so it’ll be a little while, but I’ve been tasting tequila all month!

This month has taken me to San Diego, Las Vegas, and Costa Rica.  All I can say is – these place don’t lack good tequila!  In San Diego, I enjoyed some at Nobu, and in Vegas, well, probably in about three or four settings.  I can remember El Segundo Sol, The Wynn and Encore Casinos, and I believe at STK as well over at the Cosmo.  It was quite the trip, and no tequila was left behind!

Stay tuned, good things are happening!

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