Gran Cava de Oro Extra Anejo

I took an aggressive first taste of this tequila and was greeted with a very sweet, almost syrup-like initial taste.  It was pleasant, but not something that I could see adding to my commonly stocked spirits.  To me, this almost an after dinner drink to pair with dulce de leche ice cream, but again – that’s just my take, and yours may vary.

Gran Cava de Oro

The aroma is very pleasant in this 100% agave tequila, and certainly something I could get used to.  I find myself licking my lips after each sip, and the more I taste the extra anejo tequila, the more I find myself warming up to this brand.

At $99.99, this is a pretty high price for what I consider something I would personally only drink as an after dinner sipping tequila.  The presentation is very classy, and as you can see in the photo they used the classic square glass bottle with a uniquely filled top and fits snugly on the top of the bottle.

Cava de Oro Extra Anejo Review

Price:  $99.99  (price will vary)

Size:  375 ML

Alcohol Content:  40%

Bragging Rights:  “Best of the show at the Spirits of Mexico Fest in San Diego, 2010.”

I’ve bought this from my favorite online vendor – Old Town Tequila.  I recently visited their store in Old Town, San Diego, and I wasn’t let down.  They had this tequila, as well as 100’s, if not 1,000’s of other ones, in their crowded boutique store.  I was highly impressed at the knowledge and selection that went on there.

Would I buy Cava de Oro Again?

I don’t think so, because it was just too sweet for me.  I like to sip on tequila, but this one was almost like a rum to me.  So for that reason, I’ll pass. Although I’m not giving it a bad review, because it’s great, it’s just a personal preference that I don’t like sweet tasting tequilas for sipping.  I prefer Riazul or the best version Don Julio Makes, which I spoke about here.

However, for any collector out there, you can’t go wrong with this spirit!



Cava de Oro Extra Anejo

Cava de Oro Extra Anejo

Bottle Presentation


    Aroma - Nose


      Initial Taste


        Overall Grade





            • - Elegant Presentation
            • - Pleasant Aroma


            • - Too Sweet

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