Welcome to my website featuring reviews of the best (and worst) tequila brands known to man. I'm Tim, an Entrepreneur from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. While I know more about tequila than most people, I still have a long way to go and admit there are minds out there who could "coach me up" on the topic. If you are a tequila expert, by all means, my door is open to you and I'd love to feature you on my website.

I started this website to document my experiences with various tequilas, but it's turned into a passion of mine that I'd like to update much more frequently. As noted, I'm not a seasoned expert on this topic but am quickly on my way up the ranks as a voice in the tequila blogosphere. This site is geared towards educating people like me, who are in the process of figuring out which tequilas they would like to sample and add to their home bar.

One unique feature you'll see here is the focus on video content. My YouTube Channel has a full schedule of "interesting" videos (just wait and see) with people from all walks of life who want to talk tequila!

I encourage social interaction and take compliments and criticism just the same. Please feel free to interact on any portion of this website or on social media.

To Tequila fans worldwide - SALUD!

Tequila In the Media

I’m off to the races, you guys.

The official YouTube Channel of TequilaReviews.com is up and running.  Click here to see the channel in action.  (Please subscribe, it’ll be highly entertaining content.)

Other social media channels I’ve got locked down are below.  I plan on making this highly entertaining, easy to digest, and of course, informative.

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Hey, everyone!

Thanks for stopping by.  This has been a busy year, and a busy season for me.  For this reason, the site development has suffered and went to a  snail’s pace.

BUT, fear no more. 

I’ve loaded up on all the best tequila brands.  I’m sparing no detail as I sip on tequila and share my reviews of various brands, live on camera, for everyone to see.  By rule of thumb, I live by the moniker “Go Big or Go Home,” so you won’t see any half-assed effort here on my site.  Just real, authentic, straight from the hip videos.

I’m even shooting a nice introduction that will append to all of my videos.  Just a short introduction about me that makes the site just a little bit more special.

Until the end of the year, I’ll be focused on my core businesses, and of course, gathering tequila.

If you want to be notified via email whenever a new video review is launched to the public, or when the site is updated at all, please join my newsletter. I don’t spam or email daily like some of the annoying websites you may have joined in the past.  I just offer pure value and information about tequila.

Happy Holidays,



Ok, this can be classified as “news of the weird.”

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters was hospitalized after a nasty fall that left him with stitches.  The culprit?

A bottle of tequila.

I can’t make this stuff up!

The New York Post cited that Roger joked to the audience that “he got into a fight with a bottle of tequila and the bottle won.”

This incident was first learned of when he showed up at the Long Island Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony.  Here’s a video from Fox News talking about the incident.

Bottom line, we may have beer muscles but nobody has ever claimed to have “tequila muscles.”

Anyone have any hunch as to what Roger Waters favorite brand of tequila is?

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